Simplex has launched new touch screen enabled panels for small, medium to large sized projects. Together with fully addressable notification devices, Simplex offers wide range of solutions in Life Safety systems.

Simplex is one of most robust and state of the art addressable fire alarm systems from the stable of Tyco. With unmatched features and design, it is one of the most sought after addressable fire alarm systems in the market today. All products of Simplex have UL & FM approval.". To learn more please click

  • Support 250 devices per loop in any combination.
  • Up to 27 loop configurable with 3000 point capacity for CPU with 4 GB data storage
  • Available in both 80 /854 character display to 8” Color TFT touch screen display
  • Integrated Voice evacuation systems available with Fire Fighter phone and Digital Amplfiers
  • Built in isolator detectors and notification devices solutions with UL approval as an option
  • Gas release modules/ panel for integration with Gas suppression systems
  • Networking upto 99 panels. Fully functional repeater panels available.
  • TCP/IP Connectivity available for remote monitoring with email/ SMS facility
  • Redundant CPU solutions where such demands are present
  • Seven levels of sensitivity adjustment of detectors from 0.2% to 3.7%
  • Advanced GUI software for monitoring and operation available